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round and round it goes

 Ross Vassilev
 Ross Vassilev
round and round it goes
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Ross Vassilev is a born loser and a poet. He's originally from Bulgaria but now lives in a small town in Ohio where he eats rotten eggs for more and spends every day watching lezzie videos. You can read more of his poems at
Issue 20 · poetry
round and round it goes
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the British gone
they killed many
Loyalists and raped
their wives and
daughters and killed
many of the wives
and daughters too.

they killed 20 million
Indians and took
half of Mexico cuz
the Mexicans weren’t
doing anything with

it and killed several
million more in
Vietnam and bombed
Serbia and then came
9/11 and i live in
a small town in Ohio
and you don’t know
what a shithole
a small town can be
till you’ve lived in
a small town in Ohio.



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