The Sayings Of The Evil Buddha
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The Sayings Of The Evil Buddha

 John G. Hall
 John G. Hall
The Sayings Of The Evil Buddha
by John G. Hall  FollowFollow
John G.Hall - Manchester Poet & Founding editor of Citizen32 Publications include: Orbis, The Ugly Tree, Iota, Aesthetica, Rain Dog, more Wolf, Coffee House Poetry, Quiet Feather, Carillon, Outlaw, Left Curve(usa), Square Lake(usa), Spume, Brittle Star, The Harlequin, Current Account, Monkey Kettle, Fire, Running Water, The Long Island Gazette (usa). Books include: 'The Drowning Fish' - First collection published by Bewrite Books available from 'Routes' Anthology published by Bewrite Books available from 'See No Evil' - Second collection published by Begood Books available from 'The Peoples Poet III' anthology published by Paula Brown ltd from 'The Peoples Poet II' anthology published by Paula Brown ltd from 'Monkey Kettle vol.1 1999 - 2004' anthology published by New Century Books from 'The Chicago Poetry Renaissance' anthology published by Chicago Poetry Press from 'Running away from bus stops' anthology published by Purple Press 'Me and my broken mouth' - Third collection to be published in the United States by Covert Press in late 2007. 'Only Connect' anthology to be published by Cinnamon Press in December 2007. # "Mingus" poem won first prize in the Coffee House Poetry Competition. # Voted 'Outsider Writer of the Month' by the Guild of Outsider Writers based in the United States. # Subsequently made a member of the Guild of Outsider Writers based in the United States & Canada. # Founding editor of the ground breaking arts magazine Citizen32, publishing works by Harold Pinter, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Diane di Prima, Adrian Mitchell, Simon Armitage, Jack Hirschman, George Wallace, John Cooper Clarke, Benjamin Zephaniah, Lemn Sissay, Rosie Lugosi, Chloe Poems, Todd Swift, Aoife Mannix, Mario Petrucci & many more. # Founding workshop leader of the Fuel Poetry Workshops based in Manchester. # Founding organizer of The Poetry Party performance poetry nights @ Fuel Cafe Bar. # Organizer of the successful Citizen32 tour of Northern Ireland & the Manchester Writers retreat to the Isle of Arran, Scotland.. Poet's comments on John.G.Hall books: In these early days of the 21st century; in these days of Cookie Cutter MFAs, McPoems and MTV-style performance poseurs; in these sad, terrible wondrous days, it is reassuring to read the poetry of John Hall, writings that remind us that the generative power of poetry comes not from the formalists and the faux counter-culturalists inside the academy, but from the people standing outside the academy's lustrous gates. You're on the street now. Welcome to John Hall's world. John Hall's poetry is the bare-knuckle news. George Wallace Poet Laureate, Suffolk County, New York "John Hall's poetry has the gritty edge of a contemporary visionary in active development. He's not afraid to let the poem happen to him as experience & he's not imprisoned by form but open to its changing demands. Whether writing of broken heartedness or dealing with experiences of a more directly political nature, his poems are always directed towards the future. So that outrage is never far from rage, nor affirmation from bitter actuality. This is an important book by one of England's most important younger poets." Jack Hirschman Poet Laureate of San Francisco, Poet & activist "John G. Hall fuses several key ways of being a poet in the early 21st century: the lyric, and the experimental. His work has a spiky immediacy, and an articulate ache, that reminds me of Lawrence and sometimes the American Beats: he lets the moment speak its fire and its cold. In this sense, he boldly side-steps the Mainstream/Post-modern divide, and simply acts as if poets still had a public voice, and deserved the public's ear. This collection suggests Hall is an emerging voice in the UK, one perhaps unexpected, but promising much." Todd Swift, editor of 100 Poets against the War (Salt, Cambridge, 2003) �John G. Hall comes out swinging from the left, trying to wake the reader from the endless nightmare insanity of a world obsessed with war all the time, soldiered by the machinery of corporate greed and religious fascism. John throws hard, pitching beatific curves with hope, heart and a hunger for peace, coming at you from the Doc Williams school of poetry as news; read all about it.� S.A. Griffin, co-editor The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry
The Sayings Of The Evil Buddha
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only if you drink the ocean
will your thirst be truly ended,

only if you become a hunter
will your blood lust be sated,

only if you worship difference
will your human unity be split,

only if you kill all unbelievers
will your faith win you peace,

only if you exploit the weak
will your strength be obvious,

only if you consume the earth
will you feel as powerful as death,

only if you use sex to enslave
will your own pleasures be met,

only if your poetry serves only you
will your name be praised in hell,

only if you listen to the holy wise men
will you have no need of common sense,

only if you suffer the loving masters whip
will you truly be free from your liberation,

only if you become the lover of hate
will you experience the joy of revenge,

only if you eat while others greedily starve
will you understand the diet of indifference,

only if you read poems while poverty listens
will you finish your reading and feel virtuous.



  3 months ago
I think this guy worked for the Ministry of Truth.
  3 months ago
Oy! Got me there.

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