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ten minute breather

He bounced the basketball alone
in the chemistry lab, close to
the shapely glass tubes
lounging on the shelves
like Dutch prostitutes.

The long windows exhibit
playing fields, full
of puffed up primates
displaying their burgeoning lip fuzz

while jungle drums beat
excitedly inside the staid lab
as he flies over spindly stools
dodging heavy desks
while the bleached bones
of skeleton Frank,
rear like an angry god.

Now Frank's got good reach,
always in at the deep end

He feints a left, ducking
under stretched fingers
blind, and shoots,
cool as a leopard.

And the crowd goes wild!
Tim, Tim, Tim,

Just what do you think you're doing?
Oh sir,
I, thought  
and, lunch
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About Hugh Fulham

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Hugh Fulham wrote this, he doesn't usually speak of himself in the third person. That would be just weird.
Michael Ashley    17 months ago
This is great, you get a nice balance of details... Comes off the page at me, as all great poetry should! mike
Nancy P. Davenport    17 months ago
Me too. Actually a lovely poem, really well written.
Leopold McGinnis    17 months ago
Haha. Great. I love this one. Brings me back.

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