bedtime story
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bedtime story

 Lori A. May
 Lori A. May
bedtime story
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Lori A. May is a Canadian poet, novelist, and freelance writer residing in London, Ontario. Her work has appeared in publications such as more Coffee Press Journal, Zygote, Storia Magazine, and The Manhattan Syndicate. Her debut novel, THE PROFILER, has an international release date of August 2005. More information about the author may be found online at
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bedtime story
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Touch me
when I'm not looking.
Touch me
when you think
I'm asleep.

I try to hide
my quivering eyelids
for they want to open
and show
the presence of you.

Just as you believe
I am drifting
further into ‘somnia,
I relax and let go
having faith
in your intentions.

Your skin on me

skin on skin
quivering flesh
and tenderness.
I cannot help
but squirm
a little
and my disguise of sleep
is no longer
in session.

Barely recognizing
I'm fully awake
and hoping to stay
out from the covers.



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