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 Hal Daniel
 Hal Daniel
by Hal Daniel  FollowFollow
Hal J. Daniel III is Professor Emeritus of Biology at East Carolina University. He enjoys writing both science and poetry, his 7th more of poetry ANIMAL BEHAVIOR has just been published.
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Just because your wife
Gets in bed with no underwear
Doesn’t mean Jack shit.

She’s probably just “airing out”
Her pretty muffin,
Taking a break from those tight black squeezers.

Another hypothesis,
Albeit difficult to test,
Is that she simply forgot to put on her PJs.

A tough hypothesis to test indeed
But a reasonable speculation,
Knowing a wife and mom’s weltanschauung for slumber.

But there she is...
Naked to the satin sheets and April wind
In a contemplative callipygian slumber.

She begins to snore-
Your only solution,
Go in the living room and write about Tiger Beetles…

Not much of a solution for you Guys,
At least as far as parts of your covered bodies
Are concerned.



  3 years ago
You made laugh haha. Nicely done.
  3 years ago
Maybe it's just the season
  3 years ago
I've known a few women but so far none who ever "forgot" to put something on or take something off. Interesting idea though.
  3 years ago