Dear tree trunk,
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Dear tree trunk,

 Kimberly Casey
 Kimberly Casey
Dear tree trunk,
by Kimberly Casey  FollowFollow
Kimberly Casey is a Massachusetts native with a love of wandering, writing and creating, who currently has roots planted in Huntsville, AL. more 2014 Kimberly founded Out Loud! HSV, A monthly spoken word open mic night dedicated to creating a welcoming platform for language arts to grow. Visit for a look at her books, art, sewing, and random creations. Searching for unique ways to blend her passion for language and visual arts, Kimberly strives to create work that can communicate across different modes of expression.
More work by Kimberly Casey:
Dear tree trunk,
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How often do you clean the dirt from your fingernails
Begging for each crack and crevice to be polished,
Clicking compulsively craving to look new again,
But really all you’re doing is packing down the dirt
Pack-packing down the dirt
So that it holds itself to you tighter and tighter

Pressure is the greatest weapon we have
Just ask your friend gravity
Who has been tuggin’ at your branches
Pestering you closer
Waiting for you to snap, just
Lay your body down beside her for a while,
Instead of walking your roots all over her

You’d always dream yourself broken
Though you’d never admit it to anyone
But the stars, when you’re alone together each night
Whispering windy love songs through the breeze
Wishing each leaf into a supernova
Set yourself ablaze, busting light from your fingertips-
You’d be a pretty firework

Though I know your greatness
will not be measured by the explosion
You were once so small
Can’t you see how far you’ve already come?
Each spring allows you to expand
Create new angles, erase the old, try again
You are so full of second chances,
So promise me you’ll never stop trying to grow

Leave the dirt under your fingernails
It suits you, and I love the way it feels on my skin
Give out some shade
Tell me your story
I’ll never stop listening to that song in your spine-
With all the love I have to give,

Sincerely, The Sky



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