Today I'll Sing
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Today I'll Sing

 William Taylor Jr
 William Taylor Jr
Today I'll Sing
by William Taylor Jr  FollowFollow
William Taylor Jr. lives and writes in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. His work has been published widely in journals across more globe, including The New York Quarterly, The Chiron Review, and Poesy. An Age of Monsters, his first book of fiction, was published by Epic Rites Press in 2011. To Break the Heart of the Sun (Words Dance, 2016) is his latest collection of poetry. He is a Pushcart Prize nominee and was a recipient of the 2013 Acker Award. He has a great and unironic love of both The Incredible Hulk and Olivia Newton-John
Issue 104 · poetry
free verse ·  
Today I'll Sing
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Today I'll sing beneath the sunlight
despite cancer and ash
and the ugliness of the world
that whines and scratches
at the door
we have everything
and we have nothing
in this eternal moment
we're so alive it hurts
and we're long gone
with no one to remember us
and it doesn't matter
that we're only
bone blood and skin
it doesn't matter
that our dreams and our deeds
are dust
our blessed universe
began to die
the moment it was born
pay no mind to the men
in the uniforms
there's no need for shame
everything was broken
when we got here.


  2 months ago
Thumbs up!
  2 months ago
Brilliant as usual
  2 months ago · in response to Jillian Parker

    Thanks so much for reading!
  2 months ago · in response to Pris Campbell

    Thanks for reading!
  3 months ago
I'll sing, too!
  3 months ago
I love this poem!

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