His Name Is Bird
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His Name Is Bird

 Fernando I
 Fernando I
His Name Is Bird
by Fernando I  FollowFollow
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His Name Is Bird
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I see the earth carrying

A weightless creature,

His name is (bird).


(Bird) enjoys perching

On extinct Aztec heads,

Where the eye’s break blood

And the lips stay still.


(Bird) was born with a compass

In his genes─

Where should I go? He says.


(Bird) decides to fly south,

Where the Americas

Are unknown,

And his shadow is pierced

On the oceans blue skirt

As he sails.



  25 months ago
Thank you Leopold and Heather. Your words encourage me to keep writing. :)
  25 months ago
Nice. Serene, simple and elegant.
  25 months ago
loved this

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