At A Small Liberal Arts College
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At A Small Liberal Arts College

 Kevin Ridgeway
 Kevin Ridgeway
At A Small Liberal Arts College
by Kevin Ridgeway  FollowFollow
Kevin Ridgeway is a writer currently living in a shady bungalow in Southern California with his girlfriend, menagerie of mangy cats, and more books. He wasn't meant for these times, should have been born a century ago and often daydreams in black and white. When not writing he haunts the local graveyards, bread lines and sends letters off to his imprisoned bank robbing old man, who looks like George Clooney on acid and once took a prison pottery class with Charles Manson. Mr. Ridgeway also enjoys strip Scrabble and is an amateur avocado farmer.
At A Small Liberal Arts College
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strange rumblings of nonsense manifestoes and
cigarette smoke permeate the air
in the dormitory hallway as I fix my hair in
a girl’s coke-smeared compact mirror
ready to go off to a party where GG Allin
will surely be memorialized
with parades of vomit, broken glass,
drunken suicide pacts made in
ant-infested bathtubs and my new shirt
will be torn to shreds from
the moshing at the foot of the table where the
lead singer is parading his
scars and fresh open wounds

I kiss eight different girls whose lip hardware
get stuck in my teeth and scratch my tongue
and I scream like a rebel slipping in
his own shit only to wake up the next day,
social ecology textbooks in one hand
on the trail to the classroom,
sipping from the steaming fair-trade coffee,
a scarf around my neck hickies, a long
turtleneck sweater hiding my
bruises and mean scrapes
I’m a deranged freak on the weekends
and a low-rent scholar by every
Monday morning praying for Friday
at dusk to come faster than it ever will
to rescue me from these doldrums
of studying for a degree that will
only get me a job cutting meat, which
will remind me of the blood of
those Saturday nights



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