For All My Friends to See
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For All My Friends to See

 Mark James Andrews
 Mark James Andrews
For All My Friends to See
by Mark James Andrews  FollowFollow
Mark James Andrews is finding optimism in uncertainty. He has work forthcoming in Chiron Review, Third Wednesday and a couple other hot morets.
For All My Friends to See
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Writing about the racetrack

you always run the risk

of standing accused

of imitating C. Bukowski

parodying him

romanticizing him

but in the men’s crapper

in the first week

of the thoroughbred season

there is an old guy my age

standing at the urinal

with his pants resting

down at his ankles

his chalky white ass

his bare hair thighs and calves

half mast naked

and he appears finished

with the act of pissing

but there he is a statue

and a group of men

are laughing just a bit

shaking their heads

“Y’all only see that kind

of shit here.”

and another says

“Dude gone and bugged out

after catching that last Tri

with that weak ass payoff.”

and another

“Yeah, full moon be outside


all over this damn joint.”

but the old guy remained

in place as I exited

and now I’m writing about him

but I never thought

of shooting a video of the scene

with my cell phone

and posting my good friend

finished with his sad piss

still standing




with the audio

of the background comments

made by my other friends

and posting it all on facebook

for all my friends to see.



  19 months ago · in response to Mark James Andrews

    The pleasure is mine. Really.
  19 months ago
Thanks for reading my work, Leopold & Wanda.
  19 months ago
The poem is so much more vivid and poignant than a Facebook shaming vid. Love it.
  19 months ago
love this

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