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Sensation: Holy Virgin Mary

Lo, she awes as easily she repels,
But where is it writ, she should please us all?
Some rather her creation in pastel,
Gold hung and lighted in a marbled hall.
Yet others liken her be cast in stone:
Medusa browed, eyes locked in stiff embrace,
Like Charlemagne, brave warrior of Cologne,
From whom no tear did stain his granite face.
O! o’er time’s raging flood how she hath changed.
Her veil of beauty stripped she sullen waits,
As wrathful mobs decry her now deranged,
And seek to bind her to some righteous place.
Though long as she resists this seething tide,
She will endure, lay claim her shattered pride.

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About Allen Hope

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Allen Hope is a native Floridian currently residing in southeast Ohio. His fiction and poetry have appeared in a variety of journals, though he does not remember where. He typed this bio himself while his YorkiPoo barked incessantly at a rafter of wild turkeys trotting across his front yard. He wears ear plugs.
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