The Sadness
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The Sadness

 Nikki Byrnside
 Nikki Byrnside
The Sadness
by Nikki Byrnside  FollowFollow
Nikki spends her days at the junkyard, buying and selling metal and other menial tasks, while entertaining the occasional daydream about more tropical, sees herself on a beach holding a frozen drink in her hand. By night she makes due with a cheap red wine and attempts to scribble a few lines of verse, all the while keeping an eye on four unruly gremlins that call her Mom.
The Sadness
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My heart knows the pain of losing
the power of creation
I have wept tears of blood       
that trail back to my youth.
I drop coins in a cup
and pray to quantify my existence.
The union of bodies
without the magic
converts flesh into so much meat.
Last night I was captured
by a beautiful dream.
Palms were rubbing softly
circles on my swelling,
and I felt the life grow,
stirring inside me.
I awoke to the reality
of a haunted womb,
an empty canvas,
a blank page searching for a subject,
dowsing for the remaining pieces
of my soul. 


La Tristeza                                                                             
Mi corazón sabe el dolor de perder
el poder de la creación.
Yo he exudado lágrimas de sangre
que se arrastran de nuevo
 a mi juventud.
Dejo caer las monedas en una copa
y rezo para cuantificar mi existencia.
La unión de los cuerpos sin  la magia
convierte la piel en tanta carne.
Anoche fui capturada por un sueño hermoso.
Palmas estaban frotando suavemente
círculos en mi hinchazón,
y sentí la vida revolviéndose
que crecía dentro de mí.
Me desperté a la realidad
de un útero embrujado,
un lienzo vacío,
una página en blanco
en busca de un sujeto,
radiestesiando para las piezas
restantes de mi alma.


  1 month ago · in response to Leopold McGinnis

    Thank-you. The page is beautiful. I am very happy.
  2 months ago · in response to Steven Gulvezan

    Thank-you. Was inspired by a crazy dream that still messes with my head.
  2 months ago
Beautifully written, Nikki.
  2 months ago
It will be even better once the formatting is fixed.

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