A few months after things began

to go downhill

with us


A few months after I had been

thinking about how to

end us


I got an unexpected call

informing me

he had tried to end himself


A five day coma

from the overdose

and I had to wait

to find out from him

it was on purpose


So now what?


Maybe a small ghost

had been attempting

to burst itself out of

that broken down brain egg

and float up and away.


Maybe I don't want to hang

those cracked shells

on the top of my ceiling

and watch them keep dripping down.
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About Juliet Cook

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A bloody stuck pig/female hybrid, oinking out oodles of poetry with black, silver, purple, and red explosions. Or a bee/female hybrid, buzzed and buzzing out misshapen poetry stingers and so forth.
  1 month ago · in response to Sanjeev Sethi

    Thank you Sanjeev Sethi!
  1 month ago · in response to Sanjeev Sethi

    Like thingie seems to be working on my end but I'll dig deeper. We just pushed through a number of upgrades, so we're still discovering and working out kinks. Thanks!
  1 month ago
There is some issue with the "Like" thingie. It isn't registering my call.

Loved this poem. More power to Juliet Cook!

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