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Upon The Hill

 Dana Stewart
 Dana Stewart
by Dana Stewart  FollowFollow
I enjoy most kinds of writing. I believe I write because I have to. Most days I wake with conversations or poems and stories playing in my more Writing gets them out for awhile. Some are ready to come out as soon as I wake, other take a little coaxing. I was born and raised in Kentucky. I am fond of stories,poems,that contain surprises, twist and turns. I like the things that lay between the lines, submerged just below the surface.
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Upon the hill the battlements gleam
walls of ice ethereal things.
Protection against invading hordes
the cling, the clank, of pikes and swords,
will not venture through these doors.
Safe inside our fortress we
live our lives busily.
Carefree and ignorant of our doom
these walls drip, drip,
As brick upon brick soon-
slips, slip begun.
Battlements melt
in the noonday sun.



  12 months ago
Tight poem! Puts me there. Thanks for sharing!

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