October Fallen
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October Fallen

 Chris Lawrence
 Chris Lawrence
October Fallen
by Chris Lawrence  FollowFollow
Born 64, grew wild stuck my fingers up to the world till my late twenties met my muse , forgot my wallet ended up married with three children...read more living in a great seaside town.
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October Fallen
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he rolled a cigarette
in two white hands,
match sparked like stars of
a fading sky,
only the ants were awake
moving between his shoes,
outside the motel
a supermarket of human depravity
there was daylight,
it had just appeared,
inhaling tobacco warm,
clicked his shades out of shirt pocket,
L.A ancient city
civilization in ruins,
he heard the gunshots,
a woman drunk vomiting on the sidewalk,
he was on the quarter side
that always had darkness,
in the lot his car started to shimmer
noticing the rust as if for the first time,
left behind the ants and sat on the hood,
two teenagers appeared
rejects from a low budget horror,
one had a candy bag,
had they been out all night,
he watched and smiled,
once he had been in those shoes
but that was long ago,
Halloween came and went as
any ordinary day,
but this was not
as he still did not know
how to move the rest of her body
as he was feeling full.


  2 years ago
Beautiful imagery here, Chris!
  3 years ago
What an image!!!

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