This One is the Nail in the Coffin

I know why
I can’t
get a job

these days
prospective employers
look candidates
up in a
search engine

when my name
comes up
they find
the sex poems
the anti-work poems
and the just plain
bad poems
(and there’s quite a few of them)

so I’m all
washed up
at thirty something

looking at
a life of poverty

in the dust

this one is
the nail
in the coffin

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About James D Quinton

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Once described as looking like a Parisian underwear model and labelled the British Bukowski (wrongly), James D Quinton rejected those claims and lived in a yurt for a year whilst he attempted to recreate the Golden Gate Bridge with milk bottle tops. Having failed, he returned to his first love of writing. He more author of two collections of poetry the acclaimed 'Street Psalms' and the recently released 'The City is on Fire and Has Been For Weeks' and two fiction novels, the just published 'The Victorian Time Traveller' and 'Touch'. He is also managing editor of Open Wide Magazine, which is ten years old this year. He has been bothering the small press with his poetry and short fiction for a decade.
   26 months ago
If the sex and hate-work poems are really persuasive, you might strike a blow against the empire. And make a friend.
   29 months ago
yep. I often wonder who has seen my google poetry and has run away. Dang holy-rollers.
   29 months ago
Everyone fears a poet.

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