Trip Wired At the Bell

**Red Fez Tribute for Sandy Hook**

        “If you outsmart the pattern,
                       the house doesn’t win”
--Clyde Lewis, Ground Zero WILKFM

       Noisy Advent: the miniscule windows of
Silence trampled under heel, tick
Watches, both arm- hands bent off,
Imploded along line fractures. All I know
Is that perhaps space, even the darkest, most
Alien, shall harbor us if we take care to just
hear, … look: the brain is divided
But the mind is not
                                 Because of that, pick
A side then if you must;
               better get over it, the fix is exposed
… by a process of elimination.
These ions flickering semaphore like
one way or another, anyway
polar or sub-polar, still warm
theirs for a bit, if never for certain
passages when as well as where
the pall bearers should appear,
set lines one used to draw
in the sand, “writ in water, break
only the residue can be smoked
for the sake of the kind of
elegies; so clear, so proud”
        so hurt, so what, whatever
comes, came. And went, didn’t you
choose this (on reflection)
going gone forever. After all,
isn’t this off the cuff what the number
stands for, up off its knees. After all,
a door frames here now, free associate
any door, you’ll allow for closure, opens
to for one thing, programs to
                                                      ,to  snap
up a lost soul, it’s the renewable spirit
animal, vegetable, mineral….
alone despite all the bright
Shiny mortar rockets blather
Along the country’s diminishing horizon, where
I might straddle both pit and pendulum, I seer
                       Between us
Another last straw breaking common ground
                  lead     to believe
                                     here’s 26 I caught
out of the corner of my eye
this past Guadeloupe
near final buzzer, an electric--
shock treatment made to new order,
numerologies cry out unlikely left behind
    in some vacant lot,
                                    beside your own.

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About Frank Walsh

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Frank Walsh (FDW)here and there. I have had to learn the hard way. Presently I take everything literally (even the figurative). Every inch has been earned. Self determination alligned with solidarity is the only way forward. Naturally, consciousness and conscience are one within the other. Poetry's actual no more how unreal. The people need to to know with the fire to their feet to understand.Up to them., ULA,, Carnivolution., etc.
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