Under the Weight of Snow
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Under the Weight of Snow

 Bri Bruce
 Bri Bruce
Under the Weight of Snow
by Bri Bruce  FollowFollow
Bri Bruce's work reflects a life of growing up and living amongst her native California backdrop of towering Redwoods and evocative Pacific shoreline,...read more with particular attention to detail, that is. Bri Bruce has a B.A. in post-modern literature and creative writing. When she's not writing or taking pictures, she enjoys surfing and traveling.
Under the Weight of Snow
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          Waking one morning in late November,
          lured by the crimson in the elms,
          I watch a busied thrush push his wings
          through the autumn leaves.
          He hurries from branch to branch,
          then finally settles, though uneasy,
          wide-eyed, as it begins to rain.

          In their sudden bareness,
          I expect the elm’s limbs
          will bend under the weight of snow
          after a quiet autumn,
          as they did in the grip
          of the wood thrush.

                    At the first sign of winter,
          I will greet the snow that falls mutely
          beyond the fogged windows
          of the small kitchen,
          remembering how we danced
          one morning¾
          across marbled tiles in the watchful eye
          of the cold winter sun.

                    But now,
          the red elms in the yard,
          and the cluster of berries on the Toyon bush,
          shiver in the dawn.
          Leaves fall from the alders in wind.
          I’ve grown older. And when I look again
          for the small wood thrush, he is gone,
          somehow, without me noticing.



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