Varium et mutabile semper femina

“Changing the position
Of your bed
Will mess up your sex life.”

So I was informed
By my college girlfriend
In the fall of 1960.

I never thought much
About her prophecy
Until a half century later.

This morning my wife of 25 years
Decides to “rearrange” the bed…
And thus the entire bedroom.

She thinks
The window’s natural light
Best on her side.

I moan and complain,
Get called a “lazy asshole”
As I move bookcases, lamps and chest of drawers.

I recognize I should have remembered
What I heard 50 years ago.

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About Hal Daniel

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Hal J. Daniel III is Professor Emeritus of Biology at East Carolina University. He enjoys writing both science and poetry, his 7th collection of poetry ANIMAL BEHAVIOR has just been published.
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