Tomb of the Unknown Civilian
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Tomb of the Unknown Civilian

 Gene Berson
 Gene Berson
Tomb of the Unknown Civilian
by Gene Berson  FollowFollow
I live in the Northern California foothills and grew up in the Bay Area. Stan Rice, Harold Norse and David Meltzer turned me on to writing more All are gone now, unfortunately, but their work very alive.
Tomb of the Unknown Civilian
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We wondered what happened to you
even though we’re not sure who you are
maybe someone who “disappeared”
in Guatemala in the early eighties
or even here, but since the head of France
and the head of Poland got together
as the paper says
to lay a wreathe
at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

maybe we can have a Tomb of the Unknown

especially now
since it’s out of the bag that the real
target is just somebody hoping
to go about his life

say a little girl
playing with her doll
in the back seat

or the guy sleeping
on a canoe of cardboard in a city park
before they turn on the sprinklers

or some dude sipping a cappuccino
flirting with a waitress
blown up sitting at an outside table 

or the woman drying her hands on her apron

or even the hitch-hiker
who waited so long for a lift
he turned into the shredded recap
curled into itself on the divider strip



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