the loner
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the loner

 Glenn W. Cooper
 Glenn W. Cooper
the loner
by Glenn W. Cooper  FollowFollow
Glenn W. Cooper lives in Tamworth, Australia. He has been publishing poems in the small press and beyond for about five years. His most more books are 'Methinks I See My Father' via Liquid Paper Press; and 'Outrun Your Fate' from Lummox Press.
the loner
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walking home from the bus stop
just on dark, sometimes i glance
through the uncurtained windows
of the houses along my street: flickering

television sets, people sitting  
at tables eating, drunken embraces,
the theatrical gesticulations
of men and women arguing

in an alcoholic twilight. i see
all these things - sometimes even
half-lovely women half-undressed
in silhouetted bedrooms and more -

but it doesn't matter what
tantalising extremes of humanity i see,
in the end i'm always glad to be walking
away from them and towards myself.


  2 years ago
Powerful ending! Nice job.
  2 years ago
reminds of the long walks home from the bus stop when i was in high school
  2 years ago
Yeah! I love this. Killer ending.

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