A Waste of Time and Ink

When you write a poem
the last thing
you should be thinking about
is the form or the format.

Poetry isn't something
that concerns rhythm or rhyme
or anything logical and specific.

is the distillation
of everything ugly and beautiful
down into a few pointless words.

Poetry is man's attempt
at proving himself worthy
of the life and the world
he's been gifted with.

Anything but an honor
for such things
is a waste of time
and ink.

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About Chris Deal

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Chris Deal has published several poems and short stories around the internet, most recently A Crash Course in Divinity and Damnation in Nefarious Muse and four poems in Bicycle Review. He also regularly writes about literature at Creative Loafing. He has several stories and poems coming out in the months to come,...read more and will be publishing a collection of micro-stories through Brown Paper Publishing in early 2010.
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