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 John Gimblett
 John Gimblett
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Having travelled the world - well, some of it more than others - I now have a job (teaching) and spare time to write and travel more. As more as writing poetry I also write crime novels set in my home town, and I occasionally do poetry / prose readings to people bored enough to come and see me do that.
Issue 104 · poetry
free verse ·  
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We’re sheltered from a strong
    sun, beneath a busy tree;
its leaves, bountiful, the sheer
size of bear paws. The last
    time I saw this shade of
green I was home, painting
in oils back in Wales.
A diagonal of yellow buoys pip
the sea’s surface from the jetty
and the beach. Against the
azure sea they’re like small
    lemons, bobbing as if dropped
gently from a boat or thrown
    from the surf. There’s a
type of birth here – every second a
    new piece of sun, a rash
and splash of sea pulled to
    the surface mesmerically.


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