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Cover Me

 Renae Matchuny
 Renae Matchuny
Cover Me
by Renae Matchuny  FollowFollow
fighting my demons via poetry by night, constantly in a simulation by day
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Issue 107 · poetry
free verse ·  
Cover Me
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cover me in moss and watch the weeds
shyly greet the sun out of my sharp ribs,
the pretty little purple ones you know?
the ones that echo spring and vibrate the softest

unraveling the day’s question mark curvature by
splaying out my new mossy body
limb by limb once more,
only to fall asleep under those clouds I analyze to death- an honest quiet death,
and wake up with sleepy almond eyes
feeling hazy and
a familiar tugging at my spine

a new body, a new shell, a new home
will not stop the weeds from
even if they are beautiful


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