We'll Try Again, You Tell Me Later
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We'll Try Again, You Tell Me Later

 Amber Decker
 Amber Decker
We'll Try Again, You Tell Me Later
by Amber Decker  FollowFollow
Amber Decker is a poet from West Virginia who has never, despite Hollywood's sorely inaccurate depictions of her Appalachian roots, had sex with...read more any relatives or animals, nor has she ever cannibalized anyone who has taken a...wrong turn. She is a lover of horses, hooded sweatshirts, coffee, dark chocolate, fantasy novels, werewolf movies and red wine. She also spends a ridiculous amount of time at the gym working on her anger management issues. Her latest collection of poems, The Girl Who Left You, is forthcoming from the notorious Six Ft Swells Press.
We'll Try Again, You Tell Me Later
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Dead winter trees pace the street

like expectant fathers,

red flashes of cardinals

bright as fire between the black branches.


I'm sorry, I say.


You nod, keep quiet.

There are no clean words for moments like this.


I am alive, fearfully present in my yellow sweater,

my gloved, ringless hand

seeking yours between the gray of December sky

and the hospital's automatic doors

humming shut at our backs.


Patches are all that is left of the year's first snowfall.

Already, the fury of the storm has been forgotten.


At thirty, miscarriage is a small coda

uncurling like a sleeping cat

across what will be the first false promise of tomorrow.




  6 months ago
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  3 years ago
the stark imagery juxtaposed with vivid flashes of color underscore the emotional deadness/helplessness. very moving.
  3 years ago
  3 years ago
Ouch. A beautiful and sad poem. Did not see that ending but it was there the whole time.
  3 years ago
Great write! Cool...

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