where do you robots come up with this stuff?

This little chocolate vampire shouldn't require more than five minutes of maintenance every morning -- you've gotta make sure he hasn't been exposed to any sunlight. Even the tiniest bit will make him sick. He might tell you that he feels all right, but you have to run the tests, anyway. It's only going to take you five minutes, man -- you'll have the rest of the morning to look after that walking beard of yours. That thing roams the grounds all day and sleeps on your face at night.

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About J. D. Nelson

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J. D. Nelson was born on St. Patrick\'s Day, 1971 in Trenton, New Jersey. He has lived in Colorado for more than three decades, but has yet to ski, snowboard, or bust a bronco. J. D.\'s poems have appeared in many small press publications, both print and online. He is allergic to watermelon and is missing an eardrum....read more Visit J. D.\'s website for more information.
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