Becoming Anonymous
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Becoming Anonymous

 Nathan Graziano
 Nathan Graziano
Becoming Anonymous
by Nathan Graziano  FollowFollow
Nathan Graziano had a mullet. After many years of therapy, he's finally able to say, "I had a mullet," even if he is writing it in the more-person.
Becoming Anonymous
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For two years, he slept beside stones,

hiding any accidental arousals

the mornings after he dreamed

of a woman’s soft mouth pressed

against his own; driving home

from work, he could not stop

his car from pulling into the bar.

The wheels had minds and minded

the cold tar beside her car.


One night he never went home,

and his wife never noticed.

She thought he was walking the dog

through a boundless and snarling fog;

or he was picking up a name on his way

back from being anonymous for years.



  26 months ago
grabbed me with the very first line. Awesome!
  3 years ago
read it a second time like the two stones image makes it go for me
  3 years ago
I feel the resignation in this. Really good stuff.
  3 years ago
Wow. This is great. I agree with Dan.
  3 years ago
I think you do a great job here. It struck me as simple and to the point. It does say a lot about the human condition.

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