Getting It Right
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Getting It Right

 Tim Suermondt
 Tim Suermondt
Getting It Right
by Tim Suermondt  FollowFollow
I have 2 full-length collections--the latest from New York Quarterly Books, 2010. "Just Beautiful" is the title. I've been in a number of more magazines, like Poetry, The Georgia Review and Prairie Schooner. Hell, I can't catch a break. I live in Brooklyn with my wife, the poet Pui Ying Wong.
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Getting It Right
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My wife comes down the stairs,
modeling her orange blouse.
The look of delight and satisfaction
on her face puts every cynic to shame.

“It’s staggering,” I say dumbly
over  my choice of words.
She shows it off front and back,
playing, smoothing the ruffles,

unbuttoning with the nimbleness
of a heart surgeon, standing topless
with her hands on her hips, the blouse
splayed across my favorite chair,

staggering—I got it right the first time.



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