Words Take Form: The Poet’s Creation
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Words Take Form: The Poet’s Creation

 Dara Reidyr
 Dara Reidyr
Words Take Form: The Poet’s Creation
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I began writing as a twenty something in college, while receiving my undergrad degree in English. Upon leaving college, I left my writing days...read more behind until almost 15 years later, when I picked up the pen and began to pour forth poems and short stories on various topics. The passion was sparked by years of stressful work in another career field (too horrifying to talk about) when I began writing poems about my life's view and encounters. Now that my brain is "out there" I thought I'd submit to a publication. Hope you enjoy!
Words Take Form: The Poet’s Creation
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Out of nothing, a world is created

From the air, nothingness takes form

Can you see it? I can

I can see it, taste it, touch it, smell it, feel it

They inhabit the cosmos of delight and pleasure

Words begin to walk and talk

The heartbeat begins and words breathe life

Their form is beautiful and exhilarating

As the reader is transfixed in their presence

Words now have a home and an audience with which to share

Joy, pain, sorrow, and laughter

Can you feel their nature?

Can you sense their struggle?

I can, as words take form for all to see



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