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it's what happens
when you take
dinner and love
for granted.

it's what happens
when you call her
from the office
and ask her
what she's
doing and what
she's making


it's what happens
when you don't
like her answer
because you give
answers all day long,
that no one
likes to hear

so you hang up on her

as so many have hung
up on you and
you hang up
on her because
you have to
strike out at
someone and
it's always
easier to
strike out at
someone who
really can't
defend themselves
until you come
home to some
empty plate
and the silence
scratches your face
like so many ragged
and once manicured


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About David LaBounty

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My bio is really boring. Sorry. I live with my wife and two kids and I write too much. I'm domesticated and pushing middle age but in my twenties I set out to be the next Hemingway; I was in the navy for four years and was stationed in Scotland, worked in a Nevada gold mine on the blast team and also had jobs as a mechanic, more a reporter and a salesman. I am no Hemingway. More info at


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