This World Turns Tightly
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This World Turns Tightly

 Mark Niehus
 Mark Niehus
This World Turns Tightly
by Mark Niehus  FollowFollow
Mark Niehus is a Poet and Artist who drives a cheese truck, between deliveries he explores the mechanics of human behavior. Belief, need, ambition, more self worth, inspiration and hope, occupy his mind while customers comment on the weather. Finding a place for his writing has become important to him, though the reasons for this beyond the obvious are unclear. He likes to get close to instinct and invention to create unique combinations of poetry, street art, music and performance.
This World Turns Tightly
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How do you take

the arrangements in your mind,

the beautiful instinct

and care,

and that fine rebellious heart

and make it all play out

in this disenchanted world?


How do you turn

your burning hands

to work

when they are designed

for invention

and love?


How do you intend to survive

the mutiny of a life no longer

recognised as



or true?


On such a twisted core as you

this world turns tightly.



  17 months ago · in response to Fernando I

    Cheers Fernando.
  17 months ago · in response to Matt Sradeja

    Thanks Matt.
  17 months ago
I agree; the second stanza is very powerful.
  17 months ago
That second stanza terrific

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