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 David Chorlton
 David Chorlton
6:22 pm
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David Chorlton moved to Arizona from Europe in 1978, having grown up in industrial England and later moving to Vienna, home to one branch of...read more his family. He has never complained about the heat, always loved the desert, and eventually came to write more about the land and its creatures. In another life, he has exhibited his visual art work.
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6:22 pm
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I knew there would be days like this;
the clock crawling across the wall,
depression in the sky,
only memories to fill the time
I hoped to use for writing,

so I leave the silence
to speak for itself
and submit a blank page
to which I sign my name

noting the time exactly
when the first drop of darkness
falls in the yard where the birds
have been calling
since dawn.


  23 months ago
Hello, David. Sure liked this poem. I hope you read this comment because I have a question for you. Some years ago I saw a wonderful semi-animated collaboration you did with the late Jennifer Bosveld wherein you did some marvelous watercolor illustrations. I don't remember the title of the piece....read more I've vewed it several times and like to direct people to it but I can no longer find it on the web despite lots of googling. Do you know if it's still available anywhere on the internet? It's a great piece. Thanx.

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