A Poet's Life
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A Poet's Life

 Julie Valin
 Julie Valin
A Poet's Life
by Julie Valin  FollowFollow
JULIE VALIN has been writing poetry since she got her first bra. She is a literary addict. When she isn't editing, writing, teaching poetry in...read more the schools, or reading two books at once, she is busy sleeping, where she leads a lush dream life. Julie is on the executive board of the Nevada County Poetry Series and is the co-publisher and editor of Six Ft. Swells Press-the leading connoisseurs of "after hours" poetry.
A Poet's Life
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It doesn’t have to be
like his—
all whiskey
and loneliness,
crumbled papers
piled around
a manual typewriter
at 3 a.m.
and beautiful women
showing up at all hours.

It can be this simple:
oatmeal for breakfast,
a 9 to 5 job,
a peaceful walk
with the dog
at dusk,
Coltrane on the stereo,
red wine with mac and cheese,
and a quiet bliss
as I watch my husband
through the window
mow the lawn.
Night after night
my lamp left on
for me
while he sleeps
so I can read
in bed,
our arms
in dreams.



  3 years ago
Yes! It doesn't have to be all angst and blood-letting. This feels real.
  3 years ago
Yeah. I love this one. It's not all Bukowski.

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