I shot schadenfreude in the head so we
could rebuild our culture. I paved

my kitchen floor with banana peels and no
one laughs when I perform perfect figure

eights. A welfare mother was elected
president and all the other candidates were shot

to Mars. Apparently, one needs a rocket
to survive the void. This wasn’t mentioned

in any ancient texts. No more sweater
dogs. No more children painted for sex. Now,

we look in each other’s eyes when we insert
the blade. We ask pardon before each twist.

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About CL Bledsoe

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CL Bledsoe has work all over the place and in about 10 books. He's been nominated for all kinds of stuff but never won anything. He has an awesome little daughter, so there's that.
   23 months ago
I enjoyed this.
   28 months ago
Kind of a fun read.

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