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Logo for Grandma Moses Press

Grandma Moses Press
Founded: October 2nd, 1992
Publishes: poetry

About Grandma Moses Press:
Grandma Moses Press needs your business. Just 5 bucks a chapbook, give us a try. We've been publishing poetry in small batches since 1992. Headquartered in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where it gets really hot. We specialize in chapbooks that are smaller

than quarter size (3 3/8″ X 5″). All of our chapbooks share an aesthetic: pen and ink drawings by Tim Staley. Our chapbooks are printed in runs of 75. Each book is assembled and numbered by hand.

Poets we love: Robery Bly, Sean Branson, Charles Bukowski, Sara Cooper, Subhankar Das, Russell Edson, Joaquin Fore, Paul Celan, Mira Gonzalez, Hermann Hesse, Tony Hoagland, Jon Huerta, Richard Hugo, Lisa Jarnot, Patrick Lawler, Philip Levine, Catfish McDaris, Ron Padgett, Sylvia Plath, Mary Ruefle, Joe Somoza, Charles Simic, Joe Speer, James Tate, Connie Voisine, Lewis Warsh and Kathleene West.

Published by Grandma Moses Press

No Red Fez authors have listed publications in Grandma Moses Press yet.