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- Summer 2010 -

Editor's Intro: Loving Red Fez

by Michele McDannold

- Poetry -

A Glowworm on Wheelssince inside lights are on, one can’t see out through the inky tint, | but can be studied like ...
   by Paul Handley

After Happy HourI came home last night, | collapsed on the sofa, no TV, | no book, no dinner for me | or for Rex, his ...
   by Jean Brasseur

Alien RobotsAlien robots from deep space are coming | to round up and kill all and only | Jews with beards. | I am ...
   by Jeff Klooger

cat woman eatingI saw a cat woman | eating a small bird.  She | only left the wings.  I | saw ...
   by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

cookie donorthe toothpaste suds coat | the chewy chocolate chip | chunks in a sheen of minty | green to make the ...
   by KJ Hays

Help me drown the moonlightyou remember when we held bottles of wine | and roamed the streets like mad escaped | prisoners ...
   by James H Duncan

Infinite releaseyou are the shit. | seriously. | | the chocolate hot dog | sliding out | after a well-balanced diet ...
   by Shonna Gillis

It's Not What It Looks LikeThat's what she says | as she slips you out of her | and stutters to get dressed. | | She says you're ...
   by Jason L. Huskey

Jake's ConfessionToday I got married.      | | Had to get married. | It was time | and the woman was right. | | ...
   by John Grey

Little. Yellow. DifferentSays the slogan. | Come and meet us in Thaime. | Provide the comfort of home | you solicit nowhere ...
   by Jason L. Huskey

Love's Death Roller(s)Ah, to do the greatest of these with the greatest of ease... | I am worried full of sick over love. ...
   by KJ Hays

Midnight BatherAt night my crooked flamingos look neon.  At night | the mahogany earth emits an odor of dead ...
   by Laura Rheaume

Seeking ReligionI tripped as I left | the tavern (I was | falling down drunk) | & realized I needed | to find god & ...
   by F.N. Wright

Statica weariness     that is     wearing | | the chirps     of crickets     ...
   by Arlene Ang

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