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Peter Schwartz, defying description one cavity at a time.

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About Peter Schwartz

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Peter Schwartz's poetry has been featured in The Collagist, The Columbia Review, Diagram, and Opium Magazine. His latest collection Old Men, Girls, and Monsters is now out with Achilles Press. He�s an interviewer for the PRATE Interview Series, a regular contributor to The Nervous Breakdown, and the art editor for DOGZPLO...read moreT.
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Graphic of the Week

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

A Dangerous Lunatic At The Poetry Reading:

Tired of this life he wandered Down to the river Intending to jump in But the setting sun cast so rosy a glow Upon the water And the ducks serenely floating Seemed so at peace with the world...
A Dangerous Lunatic At The Poetry Reading
by Steven Gulvezan