John Dorsey reads @ Snoetry
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John Dorsey reads @ Snoetry

The Way Things Were in 1981

 John Dorsey
 John Dorsey
John Dorsey reads @ Snoetry
by John Dorsey  FollowFollow
John Dorsey currently resides in Toledo, OH. He has worked as a dishwasher, gas station attendent, bookseller, newspaper stringer, and a more screenwriter. He has recently read poetry with the likes S.A. Griffin, Scott Wannberg, Ellyn Maybe, William Taylor Jr., Dan Provost and A.D. Winans.
John Dorsey reads @ Snoetry

Subject: John Dorsey reads his poem "The Way Things Were in 1981"
Location:Snoetry II in Elyria, Ohio
Videographer: Brian Fugett, that Red Fez janitor guy and head honcho at Zygote in my Coffee.

the way things were in 1981 for adam walsh

in 1981 i had
a pete's dragon sleeping bag
that resembled the alamo
back then i threw
kisses at the wind
as a form of
prayer sometimes i wish
could go back there
with a flashlight 5yrs old
i'd take a bus
to hollywood florida
adam walsh and i
would go rollerskating through the
aisles of heaven and i would
ask him "what do
you want to be
when you grow up?"
whatever he chose i'd
be proud of him
and i would remind
him not to talk
to strangers i would
say that i was
from the future and
that when i looked into
his eyes all i
could see was a
ghost clutching a rosary

back then i remember
thinking that the local
newscaster was the president
he always looked so
serious that was the
year my mother took
me to the movies for the
first time and my
dad bought me a
comic book in niagra falls
on a family vacation
i didn't tell them
that you were reason
that i feared going
into department stores and that
i once saw an
angel on the side
of a wal-mart ringing
a salvation army bell
that looked a lot
like you and that i
was always afraid that
they'd steal the stars
out of the sky
with a butterfly net
because i always
wanted to name one
after you it always
felt like we were
brothers only you were
an invisible celebrity and
i was a nameless boy
i bet your mother
still cries some nights
howling in the wind
where i left those
boyhood kisses i hope
they comfort you now

1n 1981 i believed
seeing was believing
but now the most
powerful things in the
world seem to be invisible
and now as i
listen by my window
garbage trucks rumble like
the shadows of invisible gods
their music offering blessings
to the quick and the dead



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