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Put A Flower in your Hair

About Leopold McGinnis

Leopold started this whole Red Fez thing. Where it stops, nobody knows. If you liked this, I've also written five books, which you can see on my profile. Also, you've got some mustard on your collar. No...no problem. Anytime. Gotta be careful with the mustard.


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David P. Press    18 months ago
Excellent, LM. Great shadows, not to mention that shirt.
Heather M. Browne    18 months ago
I really enjoyed what you did with this!!! The glasses the sharp crisp consonants and elongatiosn!!! Eerie and great!
Leopold McGinnis    18 months ago - in response to Cecelia Chapman
Thanks Cecelia. I have a secret passion for dark things...
Cecelia Chapman    18 months ago
..and this is darkness, cool...

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