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Sites of Resistance


About Leopold McGinnis

Leopold started this whole Red Fez thing. Where it stops, nobody knows. If you liked this, I've also written five books, which you can see on my profile. Also, you've got some mustard on your collar. No...no problem. Anytime. Gotta be careful with the mustard.


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Leopold McGinnis    1 month ago - in response to Deborah Leigh Jones
Never too late for comments! Always glad to hear I made someone laugh. Thanks,
Deborah Leigh Jones    1 month ago
Too late to post on this? I'm killing some free time at the fez, watching videos and reading poems. This made me laugh! Jesus.
Cecelia Chapman    11 months ago
hah! didn't see your video until now...hilarious. sites of soul, i'd say. i hate drawers.

Revolutions Pass Through Me:

Revolutions Pass Through Me by Wayne Mason
Revolutions Pass Through Me
by Wayne Mason