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- October 2017 -
Editor's Intro: Enter Freely and of Your Own Will

by Doc Sigerson

- Poetry -

Alice In TherapyI followed my heart last night | because it looked so pink and lovely | and it sang so ...

hiha’n winu’calamista, owls, the unquiet dead | night spirits | of the Cheyenne people | messengers ...

It's a Dark ArtInvoke | Aleister Crowley | to take possession | of your body. |   | ...

Kerouac Go HomeI hear the waitress’ footfalls | they sound like roses as they echo | across Avenue B, ...

Las CrucesHis shadow held steady | as the late-May clouds | left her stranded  | in New ...

Nocturne.Night comes tripping inside my head. | Wind bursts sway trees tops, | then stillness ...

Not For All the Anger in FresnoYou'd better watch yourself, says the wind | through the palm trees along Blackstone. | ...

Not For The WeakheartedMy cousin and I, during our summer visits | to their summer home in the mountains, | hid ...

On CuttingBlood doesn’t trickle so much as it oozes, pumping | to the rhythm of an unfelt arterial ...

Pumpkin HeadWon’t leave me alone | Follows me from door to door | Watching while I beg candy, ...

Ramses IIHe sits propped up alone | in his favorite overstuffed chair | perfect distance from his ...

The Lark FallingI barely know in this pile | of rotting flesh and bones, | that blithe lark, ...
   - (After Li Po) -

The Sax ManI had lost so many times it became second nature by now. | The insane talked to themselves in ...

The WalkThe cool brisk breeze | sends shivers down my back | as distant wind chimes play a broken ...

Unfriend EveryoneIf you don't make the same choices as me, then please just unfriend me. | | If you don't ...

Unrepentant (un)Damaged Goodsrigid on boards of consequence, | a body of indignation splayed | ‘neath Salem-worthy ...

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